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XD87 TKL keyboard kit – Kit content

Time has come for a new keyboard! Now that I know I will always use a mechanical keyboard from now on (the typing feeling ❤), I’ve decided to invest a bit more into something nice, beautiful and customizable. So I bought the new XD87 kit that came out not that long ago.

In this first article, I’ll just go through the parts that are included in the kit. I hope you like pictures, because I took quite a few.

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Improve your GoPro footage

Like a lot of people, I bought a GoPro thinking “Yeah! I’m gonna film some sick footage and make an awesome video and post it on Youtube and…”. Blah blah blah, it appears that GoPro footage kind of sucks, whatever the situation.

There are a ton of Youtube video explaining how to get the most of your GoPro footage, but I found a really interesting one, using an uncommon and free software. So I just thought I’m gonna share that. Or at least keep a trace of it somewhere.

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Cheap chinese motorcycle license plate mount review

Cheap chinese product reviews:the first of the serie is a CNC aluminum license plate mount for motorcycle that you can easily find on Aliexpress or Banggood. It’s cheap, but is it any good?

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DIY: Electric Skateboard / Longboard

I’ve been commuting by bike for more than 3 years now, and I like it, even if I live in a city where it rains quite a lot… During the last few years, I’ve seen electric skateboards becoming more and more popular and I really would like to try and see if it’s a good alternative to commuting by bike (plot twist, they can’t be used on public space where I live, but it’s tolerated). Unfortunately, the good models are above my budget, but I think I found a solution. (this post is under ongoing edit)

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