Improve your GoPro footage

Like a lot of people, I bought a GoPro thinking “Yeah! I’m gonna film some sick footage and make an awesome video and post it on Youtube and…”. Blah blah blah, it appears that GoPro footage kind of sucks, whatever the situation.

There are a ton of Youtube video explaining how to get the most of your GoPro footage, but I found a really interesting one, using an uncommon and free software. So I just thought I’m gonna share that. Or at least keep a trace of it somewhere.

The tutorial is divided into 2 videos. The only “problem” is that it’s focused on GoPro having the ProTune settings.

The first part is exclusively about the GoPro itself and how to set it up the best way.

The second part is focused on using the software called DaVinci Resolve. I’ve never heard of it but it has a really nice interface for color correction, which appears to be a very important thing when using GoPro footage. Because, again, the video quality of the GoPro isn’t that good.

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