Cheap chinese motorcycle license plate mount review

Cheap chinese product reviews:the first of the serie is a CNC aluminum license plate mount for motorcycle that you can easily find on Aliexpress or Banggood. It’s cheap, but is it any good?

I’m doing a few reviews of cheap stuff I buy on the internet. It’s sometime hard to find in-depth reviews of cheap stuff from Aliexpress or Banggood, or whatever other site. Let’s try to address this.

The mount I bought is super common, a lot of sellers offers that model, but I’m pretty sure they are all coming from the same place.

I received the mount pre-assembled. In fact, the only part not bolted on was the LED lighting for the license plate, which we’ll talk about later.

The mount looks really good, no weird marks, scratches. Its very smooth to the touch, no harsh wedges or anything, it’s a well finished product.

I was also surprised to see how flexible it is. The main arm is extendable, and the piece where the license plate goes can rotate as well. It should fit on a wide range of motorcycles.

As you can see, the main arm is held in place with 2 screws and nuts. Bonus point for the nuts, they are nylock nuts, so the bolts shouldn’t come loose when riding. As you can see, there are 3 holes in the main arm where the screws go in. There’s one combination to get the arm fully extended, and another combination to get the arm in its shortest position.

Talking about screws, they all are hexagonal screws, 3 different sizes. Decent quality, nothing crazy.

As I said earlier, the license plate mounting plate can rotate as well. It’s pretty handy to make sure your license plate is oriented properly.

There’s a bracket on each side of the license plate mounting plate, for your blinkers. The holes aren’t threaded, they are big enough for most turning signals on the market.

The license plate mounting plate can be moved up or down too and is held in place with 2 screws. There’s one plastic/rubber gasket on each screw, I believe to avoid the screws scratching the plate. It’s doesn’t look super good but they do an OK job, and they will be behind your license plate anyway.

The license plate is lit by LEDs. The 3 LEDs are enclosed into an aluminum piece as well.

Now, this is probably the biggest complaint I have about the product. The wiring for the LEDs is just… bad. First, the wires are ridiculously thin, like… really thin. I know LEDs don’t need a lot of power. But the manufacturer could put wires a bit thicker. Right now, I fear that they might break if put under a tiny bit of stress, or just no age well and break into pieces after a year or two outside. And as the LEDs are sealed into the aluminum piece, there’s unfortunately no way to replace the wires. The second problem is that they used hot glue at the base of the wires to avoid having them ripped off I guess, but also make a seal. The hot glue was poorly applied there, I couldn’t let it stay as it is and “fixed” it by applying more glue.

The light should be way enough for a license plate. They are bright and white, a tiny bit blue (not as much as on the pictures), way more powerful than what’s on my car.

Once mounted on the plate holder, it looks a bit bulky, less clean and simple that it was. But that’s good enough for me.

I think we’re looked at it enough now, it’s time to install it on the bike. I have a 2004 Yamaha FZ6 with Two Brothers exhaust. The fender eliminator installed was the one that came with the exhaust I believe, and it’s really not looking good. That’s why I decided to try and see if a cheap chinese license plate mount could be better.


More to come: installing the mount on the bike…



Sorry for the lame watermarks, but some vendors quite like to steal pictures to use as their own.


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