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Vous trouverez ici toutes les news du jour les plus importantes mais aussi celles qui sortent du lot.

PSN AnonReg 1.0 for PS3 Arrives – Anonymously Register on PSN

via PSX-SCENE Forum Discussion for Sony PlayStation/PsOne/PS2/PS3/PSP/PS VITA – Latest News, de The Central Scrutinizer le 19 Jun 2011
From PS3News:
The Anonymous Data Protection Officers have released PSN AnonReg 1.0, which allows PS3 users to anonymously register on PlayStation Network making account creation in other regions simpler and the registration process faster.

Download: PSN AnonReg 1.0 for PS3 | PSN AnonReg 1.0 for PS3 (Mirror)

To quote: This application was written by the intention to disclose security issues in the PlayStation Network. It is meant to be used as private investigation only.

Please keep in mind that European law allows to reverse and analyze protocols and applications by the intention to enhance user security.

The registration will create a valid PlayStation Network account for you.

Unlike the original PSN registration, this application protects you and your personal data.

It strips sensitive information which is normally sent to and saved by the PlayStation Network, like unique console ID’s etc.

Be aware, that the PlayStation Network registration has some limitations for the registration.

These are:

1) Your password has to contain at least:

– 8 characters
– 1 upper letter
– 1 lower letter
– 1 number

2) Your nickname does not exist already.

3) Your e-mail is not registered already.

This application will not check if you follow those limitations.

If you do not follow them, the registration will fail!

Souce: PlayStation 3 News

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330ème édition des LIDD : Liens Idiots Du Dimanche

via PC INpact, de nil@pcinpact.com (Nil Sanyas) le 18 Jun 2011
 Le programme des 330ème LIDD de PC INpact
– 4 jeux
– 8 vidéos
– 1 site à part

Si certaines animations et vidéos ne fonctionnent pas du tout ou sont terriblement lentes, n'hésitez pas à jeter un œil du côté de YouTube et Dailymotion, …

NES Monster – by Seth Hatland
Blog || deviantART

via it8Bit, de (author unknown) le 17 Jun 2011

NES Monster – by Seth Hatland

Blog || deviantART

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